Hello, sweetie!

** If you didn’t get the title reference, you may not enjoy many of the future posts from this site. **

This is the necessary introduction post, where you find out who I am and why I’m sitting here at 7:30am with an 8 month old in my lap, attempting to type this with some semblance of grammar and sense. I should probably begin with my name, which is Casey..nice to meet you 🙂 . Or, have you staring at a computer screen at words that I have typed. That constitutes as meeting these days, right? I can be labeled as many things, Mom, Sis, Wife, Future Leader of the Free World, an incredibly beautiful woman who is aces at sarcasm and wit, but most recently a self-taught seamstress\diy crafter. For those who know me IRL, this last part has come a quite a bit of a shocker because creativity has never really been my thing *insert flashback of many failed Pinterest crafts here*, aside from the occasional short story and developing uniquely beautiful characters in my favorite RPGs. So what brought on this newly found hobby? I became pregnant with my third child, and first girl:11043033_966422996701653_1989052425381909665_n

Isobel Rosalie, seen with my 2nd child, Nikolai Ezra (my third child is 9 years old and is very hard to catch with a camera these days, as he’s usually out galivanting around the neighborhood with the other local minions). After I discovered we were having the girl, of course I was overcome with BUY ALL THE RUFFLY THINGS, and after perusing on Etsy I realized that I either needed to remarry into a wealthy family, or learn how to sew. Seeing as I’m quite fond of my husband for now, I quickly ordered my first sewing machine. And here we are.

This is going to be THE go-to page for my pattern reviews, tutorials, hilarious anecdotes and pictures of my many failed attempts at everything that I do, before I finally get it right. It will probably mainly be sewing, but every now and then I do get it in my cocky head that I’m capable of..everything…so here and there you’ll see my usually failed attempts at refinishing furniture, creating home decor, ruining helping my eldest with school projects, and so forth.

So, to sum up my newly formed blog: patterns, tutorials, pictures, wit, sarcasm, charm, comedic entertainment. Quite honestly, it will become your favorite blog very soon.  Until we meet again!


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